Sick Note Britain – What Disabled People are sick of

Watch out for news and media stories concerning the return of the Disabled People’s Direct Action Network.

Completely sick of the way welfare reform has been managed by the government and their lap dog media allies i asked disabled people what they are sick of. This is what they said;

Sick of Adjustments not being made to allow disabled people to access the workplace

Sick Of Employers getting away with not making adjustments.

Sick Of Poverty

Sick Of Not being able to afford to eat a healthy diet.

Sick Of Standards of living that put a strain on human relationships

Sick Of Standards of living tearing our families apart.

Sick Of Pregnant women given no chance to meet disabled people

Sick Of Pregnant Women being told disabled children will be a burden

Sick Of Young disabled women being sterilized without consent.

Sick Of Young disabled people being given no sense of self-worth and

Sick Of Hypocrisy. Organisations recognising equality and access, but failing to deliver.

Sick of Companies failing to implement best practise

Sick Of Businesses not complying with legislation

Sick Of People not asking me how they may best assist me.

Sick Of Business not being able to recognise diverse disabled people

Sick Of Local authorities’ falsehoods about equality for disabled people.

Sick Of disabled people failing to demonstrate for equality

Sick Of Disabled People not campaigning against bad welfare reforms

Sick Of Pathways to Work not employing disabled people

Sick Note Legislation enabling employers to keep us out of work

Sick Note Disabled people compromising the social model to suit themselves

Sick Of Fair Access to Care criteria being the precise opposite of what they say

Sick of Fair Access To Care ensuring unfair, unequal lack of access to services

Sick Of Fair Access to Care showing no discernable level of care

Sick Of Residential cesspits called nursing homes charging more than the Ritz hotel

Sick Of Residential Cesspits locking us away from the rest of the community.

Sick Of Community Care charges taxing our right to go to the toilet, eat, get dressed.

Sick Of Residential Cesspits stopping independent living let alone having a life!

Sick Of Segregated education

Sick Of less than 0.1 percent of all housing being accessible

Sick Of other residential accommodation not being accessible

Sick Of Widespread, institutionalised discrimination against poor people

Sick Of discrimination in all social, political, economic and personal aspects of life.

Sick Of A complete lack of accessible information in society.

Sick Of Privatisation in general and of the health service in particular.

Sick Of Exclusion of Disabled People from most aspects of the job market
Sick Of Prejudicial government claims about lazy scrounging cripples

Sick Of Prejudicial media claims about lazy scrounging cripples on benefit Sick of Prejudicial claims reinforcing and justifying stereotypes and myths about us.

Sick Of Prejudical claims justifying and legitimatising hate crimes against us.

Sick Of Ingrained institutionalised discrimination against Disabled People

Sick Of Ingrained institutionalised discrimination in the criminal justice system

Sick Of the criminal justice system disregarding hate crimes against Disabled People.

Sick Of the criminal justice system sanctioning murderers of disabled people

Sick Of Scope, Mencap, Mind, RADAR, Leonard Cheshire, RNIB, RNID

Sick Of Social Workers (bless ‘em)

Sick of people who say they speak for us because of the belief that we can’t speak for ourselves

Sick Of Oppressive people (and oppressive organisations)

Sick Of Organisations which claim to represent us but can’t get more than the number of a football team along to their AGM’s.

Sick Of People who claim to be apolitical but are really supporters of the status quo

Sick Of People who treat other people as less than human because of the colour of their skin, their sexuality or their gender.

Sick Of People who express discriminatory views without knowing the facts

Sick Of People who call for asylum seekers and refugees to be sent back to “where they came from”

Sick Of People who used campaigning work to get their snouts in the trough.

Sick Of People who work for service providers, carry out assessments – inc; financial ones

Sick Of People who defend the criteria used to exclude most disabled people

Sick Of People who excuse themselves by saying “I’m only doing my job.”

Sick Of Rules, Regulations, Bureaucracy.

Sick Of Having to still campaign for things we asked for 25 years ago

Sick Of Still having to campaign for access

Sick Of Still campaigning for the right to live where we like with whom we like

Sick Of Still campaigning for the right to go to the loo when we want

Sick Of Still having to campaign to eat what we want,

Sick Of Still campaigning for accessible housing

Sick Of Still campaigning for an adequate income

Sick Of Disabled people’s groups that still don’t take up race, gender, sexuality issues

Sick Of Lists!!


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