Rights and Wrongs – Might do this again – Part 1

As a trainer its sometimes a relief to go on other trainers courses. See what i can learn from them. See what i can add to my bow.

I attended a very bad course today on a very serious issue – ‘Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults’. I really wanted to know how this differs from ‘Protecting Vulnerable Adults’. I didn’t learn that but i did consider this:

  1. To sit in a room with 41 trainees and to be moved around like you are a group of 12 is pretty rediculous really.
  2. Why do local authorities try to feed so many workers through the training. Is it symptomatic of a lack of respect and does this make the lack of respect endemic.
  3. if you don’t use the groundrules to stop chit chat or to get mobile phones turned off you are not going to help people learn.
  4. people in the care professions are much more likely to ask questions about their own rights than to want to learn about someone elses right not to be abused. They’ll ask things like; “but, what protection do i have at work?”, “If i am being abused by a disabled person who i work for would the policy cover me?”, “should i believe the person who is alleging abuse or my colleagues who i have known over ten years already?”
  5. The prevalence of abuse against disabled people to my mind is of plague like proportions and its no wonder, given the quality of training and the commitment of individuals in the care profession.
  6. Always ensure there are enough biscuits for everyone
  7. If you are referring to an internal document and you have a copy of it in your hand why doesn’t everyone else have a copy in the course pack. Is this an example of the green agenda (we should only get one if we need one) and do local authorities consider that to be more important than stopping abuse. Is it more important?
  8. Watch out for making facile comments on how good it is that we investigated 211 allegations of abuse last year because this shows that we are beng alerted to abuse. Excuse me. 211 investigations are already 211 investigations too many. We should not be reflecting on how good it is that there is an 85% increase in reported abuse. We should be reflecting on how come the message is not getting out to the people that abuse is not acceptable – or to the trainees for that matter, that when we say zero tolerance on this issue we mean zero tolerance and you need to learn what this is really about.
  9. Am i a grouch or does the other advocate grouching about the same thing provide enough validation of my point.


  1. della said

    Hi, I am a reg qualified social worker working with older people and I am looking for a course on protecting vunerable adults, the courses at work are all booked up and i dont wont to waiste time on a bad one…can you recommend any, dont mind doing an e-course but they seem abit pricey.

  2. detrich said

    Hi delia

    Sorry i can’t really help you.
    Except to say my problem with e-courses is the lack of engagement with people. All of the e-courses on disability equality tha ti have seen have been very poor.

    Yet, I think the problem with the course i went on was largely around the motivation of the other people on the course. They were more interesting in protecting themselves,

    So, up to a point its swings and roundabouts and a matter of luck. I wish you well with your searching.


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