Sometimes i wonder what is going on with disabled people

Are they all daily mail readers?

I have recently done two disability equality causes. The first the audience was mainly disabled people. the second exclusively so.

I was surprised at how keen they were to belittle other disabled people. How they saw us as scroungers who really needed to get out and get a job. They saw us as ingrates who would not respond to their goodness and kindness no matter what they did to do their best to get us out.

Some people used to challenge this view. I have seen people attend the course twice. The first time they challenged this view that we we are useless, not worth the time. The second time they stayed silent.

It concerns me that the view is being held increasingly by our own.

It concerns me that its no longer the isolated case of quislings siding with the powers that be.

It takes time to get past the barriers exercises, past the language and imagery and onto the empowerment disempowerment exercises before being able to challenge the view successfully, to get disabled people thinkig about how they value other disabled people, to get them more unified, more cohesive, more considerate.

Whilst these views surprise me. Whilst i feel hurt that they are being repeated by disabled people, some of whom should know better, it encourages me that i can get then to think and consider their position.


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  1. detrich said

    It happened again.
    At the end of what would normally be day 1 of a disability equality course (day 5 when taking the modular approach), a disabled person turns around and says; “Disabled people take, take, take”. All that repetition sounds quite venomous to me. So, its getting serious.
    Why don’t disabled people like disabled people.
    You can see us in the day centres talking to staff and ignoring other disabled people.
    You can hear us on my courses making disablist comments.
    You can see us reflecting society and societies lying commentaries.
    Yes, that’s right. It’s just not true.
    I believe that the parrot commentator was talking about benefits. He works. Most disabled people. most people entitled to benefits are sstill not claaiming them.
    And it seems to me that the only thing that we do take take take is what we deposit in the toilet after a hearty meal (if we can afford to eat that is).

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