Day Time TV and the Tragedy Model Of Disability

captain-pratt-strikes-back1Sometimes…. when you get a cough and cold…. you get the chance to prop yourself up and avail yourself of the wondrous right to partake in day time tv. Day time TV is a truly amazing land where you get the chance to learn so much trivia it must be a must for all pub quiz teams.

I will now try to recall what i learned yesterday.

Well, nothing really. It all flew by in a dopey haze of blocked nose fun. I woke up twice. Once when a stannah stairlift ad was on. Very interesting ad. Stannah Stairlift became the name  that the salesman couldn’t say. Instead he would indicate it with inconsistent signs and silly sounds. He couldn’t say it because his customers couldn’t admit to themselves that their access needs where changing. So here we get involved in the attitude business again. Lets not say it. Lets not talk about it. Lets hide behind the astute suggestion that someone just might have an impairment. Could Stannah claim to have been ironic here. Maybe but it still doesn’t work for me and there goes another advvert i do not wish to see.

I woke up just in time for another. I think it was Action for Children but i couldn’t be sure. It was all based on children’s drawings. A big red heart lived on a bed in a very dark world and bought Little Lovely down because the big red heart was mommy and mommy had MS and Little Lovely was really glad to help but needed some help herself. Which sounds fair enough. But again the impairment and the nature of it, and its impact on relationships could only ever ever happen in a dark world really couldn’t it because out of the darkness comes the light of charity.

The image above is by Dave Lupton and can be found on



  1. Crippen said

    Thanks for the link Rich. Good to see my work being used in a good context!

  2. Klava said

    Interesting Read! Very detailed blog.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. […] autism, impairment, tragedy model of disability Further to my first post on this subject at it appears that Action for Children have ran a second advert much to the chagrin of my buddies in […]

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