i’m special me

Oh dear oh dear me.

Been back in the old homelands. Been listening to… what’s that five letter word starting with S and ending in e. S***e.

I’m sure no one thinks I’m an angel. I’m an advocate. Some people think I’m more of a devil really. But, this is it, why is it that most folk; you tell them you work with and for disabled people and they think you are devine? That you’re special.

Mom tried to celebrate the fact that we all, she, her daughter, her grand daughter and me all ended up in the care industry. ‘Advocates against the care industry’, that would make a good slogan for me. Not actually accurate in terms of how I feel, but pretty close nonetheless.

She continued to talk us through the care industry. All about the stuff we do for these mental people. Thanks for the language lesson like.

My niece told us she gets smacked at work. her first smack is scheduled for 10 o’clock when someone wants his lunch and she says no. Wake up. Don’t say no. Say yes. I’m not going to tell you when to eat, so don’t tell me and don’t tell anyone else. At the far from worse say yes and then distract, say yes and organise a snack. I’m not sure what is going on here but was this kid woke up at 6 o’clock and bussed in. Has he not eaten for four hours. Investigate the course of the hunger. Don’t put yourself in the way of a smack. Smack. Whoa Who is it good for? Absolutely no one.

And then this little classic. “I’ll take them swimming, I’ll get in the pool with them because I’m the one who does special needs swimming”. Think about it. What special needs could you possibly have when swimming. Getting into the pool, doing your thing in the pool and getting out again. The same as everybody else then. Hello. Good Morning. Wakey Wakey. Where’s the special need? It might be to have the choice not to go to the pool, it might be the right not to get in the pool if you don’t want to, it might be not to drown. Oh the same as all of us then. Why do we have to keep on listening to this nonsense about special needs.

Ain’t no wonder someone thinks I’m an angel.


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