Chatting To A Chugger 2

A line of red cagoules with yellow lettering promoting Shelter await me. How much did those coats and chuggers cost? I catch the eye of one of them. I am beginning to think it is my civic duty to talk to chuggers. They look so tragic and yet they remain so bright and pushy eyed. And besides if i engage them they won’t get to talk to anybody else. We conversed as such:

“Good morning Sir”

“Are you after my cash?”

“I’m sorry sir”

“Do you want cash?”

“No sir”

“Do you want cheques?”

“No sir”

“Direct debits”

“That’s what we want Sir. Regular payments.”

“That’s what i want too”

“Do you Sir?”

“Yes! How much can you give me?”

“We can’t give you money Sir”

“Funny that. Fair is fair. I can’t give you any thing either”

He laughed and off I walked rather pleased with myself that i had brightened up the poor things day. i took his smile as gratitude. One day I will touch one for luck.


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