Organisations OF Disabled People v Organisations for disabled people

It seems there will be an eternal struggle between the words of Disabled People’s Organisations run by Disabled people and the word of organisations for disabled people which may or may not have disabled people amongst their ranks.

I shot Pudsey Bear but Pudsey Bear is not dead. Support Disabled People. Shoot Pudsey Bear

I first started raising questions about this as a net activist when i started the We All Shot Pudsey Bear facebook group. Some of the discussions, especially those that originated at a Disabled People’s Direct Action Network press launch, remain well worth reading. I do not know what will happen to them when the group is archived so read them now.

Disabled Activists Sally Curran, Simone Aspis and Marisha Bonar model the Of/Off posters demonstrating our support for disabled people and our opposition to charities for disabled people

My latest piece of work on this came from The Hardest Hit march where i created a photo journal with disabled activists, Sally Curran and Marisha B0nar modelling the words Of and For.

I believe it will always be worth revisiting this struggle. I posit that the authentic voice of disabled people and the aims of the disability movement are most potent for us as disabled people  as we will not be able to be ourselves until we are allowed to speak for ourselves.



  1. Rich I’ve added a link to your blog in DAOs directory at

    • detrich said

      many thanks for this Col. I thinkit really helps that people can access information from each other.

  2. When disabled people get their benefits and recieve their ss payments, this does not change how theyare treated and how they feel when they’re hurt on the insides from the insensity and thoughtless unkind ways that they are treated. We need lawyers to help disabled people when they are treated unfairly in divorces and with employment issues. I am disabled and when i left my husband at his request, i had no place to live, put i had to wait. It came, but some disabilities are invisible. Alot of
    the times they feel unfairly treated. Alot of the times their condition is of no fault of their own, yet out society expects them to act like everybody else. There should be stronger laws to protect disabled people in civil legal situations and in the work force. There needs to be on the spot Lawyers, advocates to help disabled people and help them with their needs, especially in legal issues, such as unfair divorces to protect them, esp. women from poverty. And friendly disabilitly advocates to go visit these people in their homes and see how their doing if not for anything else but for moral support for them. Sometimes, alot, they need help and might not be able to get to the grocery store. Our society, our United States, who protects other countries from barbaric treatment needs to be more sensitive to their disabled citizens. We are born with conditions we
    do not want, and i’d do anything such as other would to change their condition, but can’t. Therapy doesn’t always work. People don’t always listen. Disabled people can get lost within themselves, left alone. Like a animal would feel in a cage in the shelter, they need our attention to feel loved by others around them and treated fairlly and given special consideration. Thank you for asking for my comment.
    A disabled woman. Age 57

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