1)Fisrt Contribution. Copy Write belongs top Stephen Lee Hodgkins

After much consideration yesterday I finally decided upon my favourite word.

It is perimeter.

I looked up the definition and that’s very nice and precise and stuff but does not really touch on the meaning i apply to it. Maybe I should have another favourite word.

For me the perimeter goes around somewhere. It is neither in nor out. It is on the edge. Neither included nor excluded. It is a good pagan word. It is between worlds. It is where i prefer to be. Not in but looking in. Not out though far enough away to be safe. A place where I can choose what my part will be.

I have been given space for 6 weeks starting in September to create and curate an event. I have walls to hang things on. I have a stage. I have slots to hang a programme on. These will be at lunch time and two night time ones.

I see an exhibtion, a sofa to chat from and performance.

I have a one word brief. Representation. Representation of communities, representation of an idea.

My benefactor asked me to do this after he heard me talk up an idea about work that i wanted to put on. I was telling him about my photography work within the disabled people’s movement. I was telling him about the training that i do in advocacy and disability equality. I told him that i wanted a space where i could bring these things together.

Do you want in? What would you like to see at the event. What are your ideas. What do you represent? What do we need to bring in from the perimeter? What do we need to make central?

I would very much like to hear your opinions.

1) I have been asked (8th December) to consider the above image by Stephen Lee Hodgkins (copy right  protected) for entry at the exhibition. I am looking forward to receiving more entries. A  link to his film Crip Noirappears in the comments below as well as here. Stephen says: ”

Joke Lore – Drawing on Freud’s ‘Jokes and Their Relation to the unconscious’ this piece reflects on the sinister side of ridicule to explore how comedy is used to maintain the Other to be outside of acceptable social conformity.  This is deliberate however and as through its construction of abnormality, normality is allowed to define and promulgate itself. The Joker or Fool, historically often associated with disabled people’s’ identity, can be reclaimed as an empowered signifier of diversity, inclusion and alternatety”. 



  1. Stephen Lee Hodgkins said

    Hi Rich, sounds great I’ve got a few things I could contribute, including…

    Graphiking workshop – could run a how to graphic record / facilitate in meetings etc, with emphasis on Dpos / community groups.

    Three Lino cut prints based on works of Marx, Freud and Wittgenstein referring to truth and reality.

    Crip Noir – short film critiquing social care.

    Let me know.

    • detrich said

      Thanks for your prompt reply Stephen.

      I am building up ideas at a rapid rate and i will need to draw people in tomake the whole thing work.

      I will explore graphiking further but at present see this idea as an opportunity to build on lunch time conversations. So i might be chatting with someone and you could be graphiking away based on that. But i would also ask you to take part in the conversation. So, if you hear anything that you would be interested to follow up you should feel free. How much would you wnat per session to do something like this/

      Can you send me photos of your lino cuts with sales prices. I have been asked to create a catalogue. I don’t know what will be going into yet but i see room for two catalogues. One based on the exhibtion i go forward with and one on those things that didn’t make it.

      I think i am likely to have a wall face on we all shot pudsey. I might want to put your photo on that. The one where you are flogging him. I might want to put that image on a t shirt too. Again you will need to price your works for me.

      In terms of the film. Any chance that i might get to see it. There is a video screen in one of the smaller rooms. Is there aa conversation that can be built around this.

      Also if you do know anone that these ideas might appeal to can you give them a link to this


    • stephen lee said

      Hi Rich – thanks heres the link to the film, i will mail you copies of pics….

      Crip Noir –

  2. Mat Fraser said

    Sounds interesting, needs to be done, when you have a date let me know and if you want me involved maybe we can work something out

    • detrich said

      my start date is 1st september 2012.
      in terms of performance we may be able to get stage space on wednesday nights for 6 weeks.
      it will be good to know initial ideas, costings and stuff


  3. Peter Hope said

    Dear Chewie,

    Your link has come at an interest time this weeked I was at the first Disability History Scotland month event. The was organised by Black Triangle. I was invited as an Artist & Activist. Being a writter and flegling film maker. I also watched Desperite Dan on youtube. The person heavely involved with Black Triangle is our friend Sasha.

    The short answer is yes what would you like me to do.

    I am starting to story board my film working title Olivia and Peter.
    It is about my experiences of dating and what I have found there. I want to expose some stuff about on line dating and how I met who I believe will be the next Mrs Scary. You understand this about me moving forward and not about replacing Jane as she is in my heart and soul.

    I don’t now if I told you this but I manage/promote this guy. my step dad olly is his bass player and he told Graham to ask me to handle his gigs and stuff up hear So Im planning a tour for April next year.

    So a lot of positive stuff happening here.



    • detrich said

      Hi Scarey

      Thanks for your news. Glad to hear that things are going well and that you finding your way through and into arts and activism again. Guess once you start you never stop – though you might occassionally take time out (I know I do). I particularly wanted you to read my blog entry E Quality Treats At The Chocolate Factory.

      In this blog entry you will see reference to a photographer who recently documented the glasgow ship yard occupiers. In the first instance i’d like you to tell me your memories of this. The involvlement of your family (if any) and then about your growth and development as an activist and a artist.

      If your story fits as well as i think it will when i organise the perimeter event i may invite you down for a lunch time chat with the photographer about your memories and your story. I might get Tom in to record it in Braille.

      I would then now how much it would copst to get you down here and how much you would want paying for a lunch time with an audience and me.


      • Peter Hope said

        Dear Chewie,

        It is of some interest that you ask about the UCSB Workin I was ten at the time and Jimmy Reid and Jimmy Airly stayed at our home when they Rallied Support round other work places. also at that time my mum was standing for election as a communist councilor. My dad was a shopsteward in Buroughs.

        So the events at that time have shaped my world view.

        Let me work out the costs and support issues



  4. Peter Hope said

    Dear Chewie,

    The workin happend in 1973 I would be 12 I have been talking to my mum and she has pointed out that I am confuseing to time lines of activity so she will send me information about both and I work on it for the Perimiter project.

    Love Scary

    • Hi Scarey

      Many thanks for looking into this. I hope that this is a worthwhile project for you regardless of what goes off next september.

      I have just contacted the photographer, Vaughan Melzer, who took the photos of the dockers, who i would like you to converse with to ask her if she would be up to a) exhibiting some of her work and b) chatting with you.

      I asked her how much she would like to be paid and then i pointed out that i do not have a budget for any of this work as yet but that i am committed to asking for one.

      This is where some of my ideas might fall down.


      • Peter Hope said

        I will be happy to do this for you as my mate shipbuilders are not dockers brother. I relish the task.

        We will work something out Chowie

        Love Scary

      • detrich said

        aaahhh that is very interesting Scarey.

        The importance and power of language.

        Shipbuilders….. have a specific role. I would guess dockers don’t. I will need to review the potential exhibtion on this basis or maybe it will form part of the conversation.

        Chewie on a brick not the pavement

  5. detrich said

    Thanks for feeling thrilled Liz. I am too. Sooooo exciting. See you’ve got your own buzz going though with the musical. My. how quickly did you turn that idea around. You might like to know that the south bank is putting on a festival called death and john Snow is doing a piece on assisted suicide. What i need from you?????? Dunno in all honesty.I’ve got wall space which i think i will be able to cover and will include a pudsey theme. I’ve got loads of time. And i’ve potentially got one small inaccessible stage. I’m hoping to use this for both lunch time discussion and evening performance. The club i’m operating from does have a regular comedy night. Might be nice to see some crip humour there. In terms of discussion i want to have a look at some activism, some hate crime work but at this point im time am open to ideas. I also want to do this as openly as i can and want to see the work unravel so if you want to carry this conversation on at i’ll move this message there for you to comment on

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