Don’t Let The Jimmy Savile Thing Bring You Down

inverted picture of a badge stating that there is no excuse for child abuse

I received a message from a private facebook page asking members if the Jimmy savile thing was acting as a trigger to people experiencing mental health issues. My reply was as follows:

Nope!!!! The Savile thing is not a trigger for me. Its a source of pride. Last year I reprinted a press article on facebook about how DAN, the disabled people’s direct action network, had stopped Savile opening an accessible garden at Leeds British Rail – later one of our members came back and identified Savile as an abuser. He said that this had happened at Stoke Mandeville to some of our people. He was confident that the claim was true. We made this information available the day after he died and was getting the good obits and tributes for his charity work. We stood against him again. it’s a scarey thing to do to make a stand. We did our own in our own way. But like the Savile family i regret that this wasn’t done more eloquently and firmly during his life time. I was in Trafalgar Square on Saturday. A rally was happening. Its slogan was child abuse is no excuse. Hardly anyone was there. Survivors were speaking out. More pride, more recovery. Keep on speaking out. Let there be no excuse.

Lets stop child abuse.

Lets learn lessons from the collusion we believe might have happened in this scenario



  1. I seem to recall how outraged Saville was that disabled people had taken a stand against him. There was something so extreme and disturbing about him.

    • detrich said

      He certainly showed his colours on that day at Leeds station. First coming in arms aloft like a champion at the sight of what he must have perceived to be his fans and then having to climb over disabled people to get to the mike where he was finally stopped by someone bigger than him – me. I always wondered about tthat aspect of things. that he could clamber over people, not worry about where he was putting his fweet, not worry who he was stepping on but when he got to someone bigger than himself he stopped. Classic behaviour of a bully i think. David Blunkett took the same bullying position at the leonard cheshire ball as i recall until he came across people bigger than himself. Not that i’m saying Blunkett was also an abuser in the same way but as someone who struck me as being a bully.

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