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  1. mr pauljackman said

    hi guys im like you now disabled for life after hospital cock up dont know how long i have left but at this time is my son i feel sorry for he 13 i jst cant get him out my bed he say wot if i die whos going to ring 999 for you so i just let him put his mind a rest yes the doctor that did this as coverd it up for 3 yr now the hospital will not tell me nothing i got the ombudsman in and he wuss ok he called to say he wus going in looking for me 4/5 days later he called to say he had all my evedance but i did not get it the ombudsman sent me a letter saying the hospital did a good job it as to be some 1 in government i lave it to you mr paul jackman

    • detrich said

      Ii have just re-read your post. Do you know about Action for Advocacy. They have a find an advocate link on their home page. You may be able to find support from someone there. There website is Though to be honest as you seem to have exhausted procedures up to ombudsman level it is hard to know what they can do about the past. Question is how is the present, how is the future looking now. Best wishes

      • thanks mate I will have a look this is disgusting how they all can cover this up and in this time of life thanks

      • paul jackman said

        hi detrich how can a hospital get away with this the doctor still working but now he under investgtion with the g.m.c but he had me locked up he called the g,m,c to say i wus under investgtion i wus not all chagers wus drop i ask the police about help on this they told me we know about this case and we went nothing to do with it thats disgusting i walk in that hospital a carpet and come out disabled for life and put on a high risk had no help at all been down the right tracks but the government is blocking ever thing i do i have no human right and y have the n.h.s tuck me to court about ever thing i have put on the net about them i rest my case

      • detrich said

        i don’t know Paul
        i don’t know the case
        maybe the hospital can’t take actin until the gmc decides
        keep an eye on that
        you might be bale to use their position to your advantage in future

        did you look at the action for advocacy link? do you have anyone else supporting you? this is potentially very important and i would encourage you to do it as I am no longer able to advocate due to being made redundant

      • paul jackman said

        hi detrich i called them they told to call icas i have had them in the day this happened they cant help now she told me

      • detrich said

        Hi Paul Sorry about that. That would have been my guess too. If you refer back to one of my previous comments you will see that I was also suggesting an advocate might be able to help for present and future needs too. I can’t see that there is anything to be gained in this approach about thepast – as painful as itmust be – until the GMC have decided.

        Best of luck


        I am a Disability Equality and Advocacy Trainer, a practicing Advocate for a Disabled People’s Organisation, an Activist and Photographer.I can be contacted on 07505 504 926.

        I raise money for Brent Advocacy Concerns with Keep Advocacy Live In Brent. Join me: by nominating Brent Advocacy Concerns as the charity you want to support at


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