Assessments – The Difference between Ros and Wyn

Andy had been through his own hard times – anxiety and depression adding to his pre-existing impairments. He had managed pretty well in life but every time he looked turmoil found him. Suddenly, from a position of ineligibility he was being offered support.

Yale Support invited him to their office. Unusually the reception was warm and welcoming. Yes. He still had to get past the who are you and what do you want questions, He found out whilst standing at the desk that he would be seeing Ros. He had not known that. He’d just been told to turn up. Ros was colder than the receptionist. She sat a distance away from  Andy, eyes fixed on the questions on the form.  
She read them out. Not always clearly and never whilst making eye contact. Andy thought of Cyrus, a psychiatrist who had tested his patience by doing the same thing. He later found out that Cyrus did this on purpose. He was testing Andy for tolerance, patience, the ability not to be angry. In truth Andy had been angry but he waited until he got out of the office.

Time passed and Andy played the game with Ros, But something burned within. Whilst answering all these mumbled questions at no point did he really understand what he was doing there. Yes, the need for support was being assessed but at no stage did Andy understand what support would be on offer. At the end of the interview he asked Ros for information about Yale. Ros wanted to know what Andy wanted to know, He wanted to know what Yale did. Ros had an answer. “We offer support”. Andy remained respectful and asked if there was any further information. Ros re-asserted her position. “We offer support”. Some how this time she sounded louder.  Andy felt some what low and dejected, He had felt himself slipping into the morass of his condition throughout the experience if truth be told. At times he had struggled to provide the  
clarity that Ros had required but he would not give up on her. She might prove useful to him. He asked if Yale had leaflets about what it did. They certainly had only Ros could not provide them without stating; “Why didn’t you say”.

Later Andy saw friends who wanted to know how he got on. He could only say tht h had been assessed and he assumed he would be told the outcome at some future date. Indeed his instincts were well founded. Wyn contacted him. They arranged to meet at the same office. Andy turned up in good time. Wyn on the other hand had taken it into his head to meet at the safe address Andy had provided in lieu of being re-housed on the grounds of homelessness. The most excellent of receptionists called Wynn on his mobile and asked Andy to talk to him. They agreed without any difficulties that Andy would wait at the office and Wyn would make his way back.

After a little while Andy found himself talking to the receptionist who had taken it upon herself to identify herself as the facilitator of the Service User Forum. She wondered if Andy would be interested in it. “Andy” said a loud egrgarious voice from behind. He spun around and there was Wyn. They went into the office Andy had shared with Ros. Andy apologised for any confusion on his part. Wyn returned this, accepting that he may have been at fault. Then the forms came out, contracts that needed to be signed, rules of engagement that needed to be understood. Wyn was clearly making a commitment to Andy. He was prepared to explain every paper or allow Andy time to read it for himself. Andy was very impressed. At the end Wyn, perhaps not too wisely, but you can’t have everything, offered to find An a nice little flat within 6 weeks from which he could base the foundation that would turn his life around.


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