Chatting to A Chugger – The Activist Caves In

Scouts - The Unacceptable Face of Chugging

Scouts – The Unacceptable Face of Chugging

Followers of the Chatting to A Chugger Series know I never give money to charity out of principle. Well the bastards finally got me.

There I was in Sainsbury’s when a young scout – young militia – asked if he could pack my bag for me. Do I look that old – stereotypical posturing. He was with a local scout group. Right on my door step. If I can’t look out for the neighbours who am I going to look out for.

Anyway, he suckered me by telling me they were collecting for camping gear. He wasn’t tearful, didn’t have big eyes. Neither did he smiled but he looked wistful for canvas alright. It was at this point that I dropped my silver coins into his bucket. Bastard.

I couldn’t get over it. Why did I cave in. I used to be a scout – fascist. I camped with them. Won awards with my special school scout troop – probably for being the bunch of spastics on site – the sympathy vote is a winner all the time. Plus, the lad did something for me. He packed my bag. Not that I couldn’t have done it myself mind.

But I wondered a bit more. Am I anti charity full stop? Are there organisations, causes; that might mean something to me. Or is it just that I’m just anti non organisations of disabled people speaking for disabled people, making careers out of our experience and consigning us to the slag heap of unemployment. On this one i’m at one with Bob Geddoff. Asked on the miserable Jonny Ross show what Africans might think of him Bob suggested they might well be embarrassed by him. I can’t say i’m embarrassed by the likes of SCOPE, RNIB, RNID, Mind and Mencap but, I am bloody angry with them. I am anti tragedy model and this is where my anger is based.


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  1. Finally figuring out how to add blogs to my blogroll and this is on my list. Glad you gave the scouts a break – not maybe they won’t get rained on in the woods 😉

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