Spare Space

mcil mattersEngagement, some say, depends on being creative. Others say its about responding creatively.

Waiting for a meeting to start many things go through my mind. I often read but sometimes I’ll pick up a pen and take out some paper.

A woman just told me she had looked at the MCIL website and says she could be in our ‘Mild Depression she replies gang. I ask her for her qualifications. I’m told she’s ‘disiemic’ (sic). ‘What’s that’. Mild depression she answers before revealing a list of other conditions beginning with, or including another word starting with the letter ‘D’. It feels good that someone could so easily associate with an organisation that loudly promotes itself as a disabled people’s organisation. It’s sometimes easier to refute another label. I think of the many mental health service users who are prepared to do this in Merton though and I smile.

I’m now thinking of another event we are planning for 5th May. ‘Slim Flegg’s Access Guide’ Slim is the only twice elected mayor of Merton. So, a local celeb whose thing is access.Access to the environmental and information are fundamental pillars of independent living. 5th May it transpires is also ENIL‘s Independent Living Day.

The local paper, Wimbledon Guardian, has two snippets featuring Cllr David Chung – current mayor of Merton – and like Slim; a wheelchair user. He nominated MCIL as one of his charities. he’s coming to the end of his tenure. We should interview him for our newsletter, MCIL Matters and film it.

Maybe we need to build a volunteer events team and a MCIL Matters Team too.

I’m thinking of the members group,
Q. Why do we call it the members group?
A. Because it was set up as a members group.
The members never named it. Perhaps they should. Ideas on a post card please or in the space below or by email to A funky name might just be what we need to promote the group better, get more bodies in, show we are capable of creating choice handing over control.

I wonder how useful its been to have this spare space to sit and think. Everything is so rush, rush, rush. Take space to make space. That’s what I’m saying.


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  1. Joanne Hill said

    I thought this was going to be about bedroom tax.

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