Disability Movement Humour 2

I would work late at the office and exhaust myself so i’d call for a cab to take me home.

Getting into a cab one night i noted the dashboard sticker proclaiming Jesus Saves. I crossed my fingers.

“Why do you work here?” enquired the saintly cab driver.

“Its a disabled people’s organisation and I am a disdabled person”

“What is wrong with you then?”

“The social model of disability says it is society that is wrong not me”

“have you ever tried healing”

“yes I have, It didn’t work for me”

“Then you did not beleive. Let me tell you a story. The angel of the lord came down and the hem of her garment touched the surface of a lake. it became a healing lake. People would go there to be healed. All you had to do was get inot the water and beleive you would be healed. One man could not get inot the lake and he sat on the banks. One day the lord jesus walked by the man and asked him if he wanted to be healed. the man said that he did. Jesus said but do you really want to be healed. The man said yes. Jesus walked on, leaving the man sitting on the side of the lake and he was not healed. The moral of this story is if he really did want to be healed he would have got in the lake”

I replied. “And if jesus was really alive today he would have built a fucking ramp so anyone could get in”.

We drove on in silence. Eventually we got home. I live in a block of flats. The taxi driver kindly pulled up outside the entrance to the block. I asked him how much i owed him, you know how much i really owed him because i really did want to pay. “Never mind that”, he said, before pulling my head towards his groin and speaking in tongues over me whilst i thought i hope no one sees this and imagines i’m giving the fellow a blow job. “There you go”, he said releasing me, “you are healed. I prayed for you”.

“Many thanks” i said gertting out of the cab gasping for air and hoping my embarassment would soon leave me.

I have not been healed but i am donating to the atheist bus

atheist campaign banner

atheist campaign banner



  1. They just won’t listen! Brilliant response

  2. Brilliant response! They just won’t listen – it gets so scary at times

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