A New Line in Inaccessible Toilets

Went to East Ham Library today to review ‘prisong’, an exhibition by gobscure (see ‘usurprising’ now published by Disability Arts Online.

By now we all know tales of the accessible toilet being made inaccessible when used as a storage room.

So how does that relate to exhibitions by disabled people or anyone else come to that. It starts when the staff don’t know its there; ‘sorry i thought it was a store room’. Then it carries on when the exhibition wall is closed by a line of desk and chairs meaning you can’t get near it.

Mind you in the case of gobscure’s prisong this is no bad thing. Not that prisong is a bad thing. Its just that his work is about  disguise, the taking on or the rejection of new identities. Given this why shouldn’t an exhibition become something else, something not to be appreciated or or respected.

So the real question is this; praised or insulted.


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Half A Pound Of Freedom


Article 4 states; No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

Half A Pound Of Freedom

Charles asked
Can I get you anything from the shop?
Jo asked
for half a pound of freedom
Big Al said
What? In this country?
Charles laughed
Jo despaired
Where are we going to get our freedom from?

Not from the Centre over the hill
Where the draconian master still
Places planning
Above conservation
Squeezes people in rows
on top of people
on top of people
where there is no escape
No escape
from the bus queue
where the wait to leave
is eternal
by houses where prices multiply
causing blight
and deep sadness
for the homeless
surrounded by rotten fruit
and vegetables
as they look deep into
unlit rooms wondering
should they chance the squatting laws
as drunks stumble from bars
lost in a reverie
of days before legislation
ceasing music in the snug
ceasing fun
creating forms
monitoring statistics
and accreditation
New whips
New chains
New stupefaction
From the masters
in the big house
beyond the hill
controlled by bigger masters
in the palace
by the stagnating river
where we choose at last
to jump
and drown
and lifeless
enslaved to new ways
created by the forever Maaaannnnn!!!

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Declaration 3 – Pronounced Resting


Article 3 reads: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Do I feel safe today?
Not very
But neither am I over worried
By any pervasive threat

Do I feel free?
Not very
Because right there
Nagging in my mind

A threat that comes and goes
Depending on how I shake
The dice
Or deal the cards

And do I feel energised today?
Again not very
Because I have closed the table
Put down my shaker
And decided not to engage
With any sense of threat

Threat to my home
Threat to my relationship
Threat to my town
Today I’ve closed down

Today is my day
A day for my thoughts
My pleasures
My interests

I will take my time
I’ll dilly and I’ll dally
Walk around the old oak tree
There I’ll tarry

And recall…..
As memory calls
A time when I learned
Not to fight every battle

Save time for yourself
Save time for the war
Fold up your banner
Proud, Angry and Strong

Time will come along
To find us once again
Engaged, protecting

Safe, Free, Energised
Security, Liberty, Life
There by the town hall tree
Life, Liberty, Security

The most pronounced of declarations

The most pronounced of declarations

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Declaration 2 – Distinction; What We Each Bring To The Table



Inspired by a tree, stung by a comment…. the declarations continue

Article 2. reads; “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.   Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty”.

Disability is of cause missing from the equation but then too is everything else that makes up our diversity. Here is my case for inclusion in local and national campaigns regardless of my strengths and weaknesses. That which we all bring should be welcomed by all. Just put your bag upon the table.


The cold winter blows Irenee
And i’ve an opinion too
To bring to the table
To share with you

Note the table
The knobbly knees
The varnished oval surface
Note it will sit eight
Note the crocks
How they were made
The knives and forks too
The steel that forged them
Could you do that?
Do you know how?
Does not knowing how
Diminish the work?

Like our tree
They started in the ground
And grew to mean something else
New forms lost in history
Predating law and rules
Policy, procedure or practice
Essential to the way we live
Lived then, lived now.
Because you know;
Code, Logic and Reason
Are these things inessential
To you now?

Yet all these things
I have not bought
They lie already upon the table
My gift is spice
You might call it magic
You might call it fantasy
But not I
For I call it love
I call it what I have
What I can give
I bring an army
A troop of 700
Named and signed To the cause
And I bring myself
My strength, distinction
So, may I take this seat
Sit around this table
Vocal, articulate and wise
And share in this feast
We squabble for


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Declaration: Born Free

Human Rights

I photographed this tree the day before Chris Last mentioned its removal on facebook. My interest was in poetically exploring Human Rights from the perspective of an activist within the Disabled People’s movement. But i’m just as bothered about local conservation issues. There’s another here petition signers

The format below reflects on how poems are presented on Disability Arts Online

Article 1: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Recently I noted, if not for the first time, a plaque recognising a celebration of 50 years of Human Rights. The plaque was by a tree on a green that is up for redevelopment, that stands before a community and arts centre that is likely to be lost, below a hill where Victorian Villas next to my home are likely to be demolished. The bulldozers and cranes are revving up in the distance and there are those who stand and wait before them.

Declaration: Born Equal

Rise Hornsey Rise
Rise for your Brothers
Their sisters and their mothers

Your Brothers Spirits are high
As high as the hill to the rise
As high as the tower they love

But your brothers spirits can be broken

When their reasoned objections fail
When the voices of these but few go unheard
When the conscience of those who
Act deaf to words
Act against the brotherhood

So act Hornsey
Hornsey rise and act
For you are free
And welcome
Within your freedom to act

Not rising Hornsey
Leaves your brothers squashed
Defeated and unequal
In the vice grip of potent power
That serves to beat resistance

Wherefore lies your dignity
Hornsey when Hornsey did not rise
And left the brothers in apathetic malaise
To lose
Their fight for freedom
What for your wasted tears now
As too late the edifice tumbles
And the monstrous towers rise

Too late then the right to speak

So rise Hornsey Rise
Rise high
As high as towers
As high as cranes
And speak your minds

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From Earl Haig to Hornsey Town Hall

A march, a demonstration, for conservation in Crouch End; home of the conservation blues.
If you appreciate these pictures please sign the petition










DSC_0682DSC_0683DSC_0684DSC_0685DSC_0686DSC_0687DSC_0688DSC_0689DSC_0690DSC_0691DSC_0692Did you remember to sign the petition

Thank you


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The Lila Interview

It is a year since i photographed Lila for her 7th Birthday. She is nearly 8. What is her world like:


Lila tell me is the world really upside down?

Yes. Antartica is at the bottom. It should be at the top.


Is this you doing your impersonation of a clown?

No. I’m definitely doing a dance. Its the dance of lalaland. I don’t live there. I live in Altior Court. Sometimes I wish we had a swimming pool or a hot tub because on a hot day we all want to cool down. The balcony’s are really thin and when I was 4 and could walk I wanted them to be so much longer so I could run across them.


What is it like not being in the picture?

Kind of like ermmm let me be in the picture. I don’t want to be in the picture all the time. I want to be in pictures that suit me. I don’t want to be in pictures of boring brown trees. I like designer stuff. I’d like the bark scraped off and marked with stars and stuff.


A witch came by and put a spell on you. What do you hope she wished for?

I wouldn’t mind like a spell so at the end of the day I could turn into a frog but be human again in the day time.


The witch looks like she is having a cackle. You look like you want to get her. Do you think she gave you the wish you wished for?

No. She gave me this kind of thing like where I have to be ordered by her. She would like me to do things things she doesn’t want to do herself like cooking and stuff.


You look nearly as wicked as the witch in this photo. Do you prefer to be good or bad?

I like to be both. Good is like really nice to people but if you are mean to me then you are like really nothing to me. People come over to the house and they are like snitches.


This is how you looked a year ago. You was going up the road for your 7th birthday party. Do you remember this?

I kind of remember it. I had a dance party. I also remember that i can’t think of anything else.


Tell me about the last year. Did you have to be strong?

I had to be strong because when i was a baby i used  to eat a lot of stuff but now I am fussy.

Interview by

resurrected servant

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