Where suicidal feelings come from for disabled people

On today’s 100 acorns blog two people talked honestly and openly about their suicidal feelings. I wouldn’t normally reply to comments like this. At the top end of the scale suicide can be a choice that i might be able to respect. I know disabled people who did it. Their lives were so bad. they had no reason to continue or could not see how they might.

In my reply i talked about disability theory. It went something like this.

Disabled people are those people who are discriminated against by society on the basis of their impairment.

Discrimination leads to our disempowerment

Disempowerment can have extreme consequences which are symtomatic of our internalised oppression. This can result in suicidal feelings, self harm, different types of self abuse. It can reveal itself as anger, disabled people choosing to fight back it can have positive consequences too.

If we remove the discrimination we remove the disempowerment. If we can become empowered through being included, participating equally, our feelings change too.  Our empowerment gives us different feelings inside.

We define the social model of disability in sub sections in terms which we call barriers such as attitudes that others have about us, the way the environment is constructed to keep us out, in the way organisations work to exclude us. All of this can be changed. This is why the social model is a freedom model. Break down the barriers.

If anyone wants to share ideas about this please do.



  1. Yisraels Redeemer said

    was just looking for articles on this topic, an I have grown up with a disability all my life.
    Too me, its like our Govt & Dept Of Justice, have turned all Hitler on us Disabled, scapegoating us for Crimes of there Creation.
    When in reality, they are the Monster, the true Dr Jekyll & Hyde.

  2. […] Where suicidal feelings come from for disabled people […]

  3. James said

    Thank You for posting this. It help me more than i thought it would. I get suicidal feelings because Im lonely. mos disabled people I know are mentally disabled and are interested in other things. I also live with a career and his girlfriend which never been a problem but now i just reminds me i will be single forever. The worst thing about it is it makes me feel pathetic and stupid because no one else seems to worry about the things i do.

    • detrich said

      Hi James
      Just wanted to say best wishes really. But your comment made me think. I was relating suicide to discrimination. As an activist I sometimes go out on the streets and chant; ‘we want what you’ve got’. Some people say that we should not aspire so highly but I sometimes think we are setting the bar too low. Instead of wanting the same as that we see all around us in society, we should ask society to change to accept us as we are. I think its a battle worth fighting.

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