The Lila Interview

It is a year since i photographed Lila for her 7th Birthday. She is nearly 8. What is her world like:


Lila tell me is the world really upside down?

Yes. Antartica is at the bottom. It should be at the top.


Is this you doing your impersonation of a clown?

No. I’m definitely doing a dance. Its the dance of lalaland. I don’t live there. I live in Altior Court. Sometimes I wish we had a swimming pool or a hot tub because on a hot day we all want to cool down. The balcony’s are really thin and when I was 4 and could walk I wanted them to be so much longer so I could run across them.


What is it like not being in the picture?

Kind of like ermmm let me be in the picture. I don’t want to be in the picture all the time. I want to be in pictures that suit me. I don’t want to be in pictures of boring brown trees. I like designer stuff. I’d like the bark scraped off and marked with stars and stuff.


A witch came by and put a spell on you. What do you hope she wished for?

I wouldn’t mind like a spell so at the end of the day I could turn into a frog but be human again in the day time.


The witch looks like she is having a cackle. You look like you want to get her. Do you think she gave you the wish you wished for?

No. She gave me this kind of thing like where I have to be ordered by her. She would like me to do things things she doesn’t want to do herself like cooking and stuff.


You look nearly as wicked as the witch in this photo. Do you prefer to be good or bad?

I like to be both. Good is like really nice to people but if you are mean to me then you are like really nothing to me. People come over to the house and they are like snitches.


This is how you looked a year ago. You was going up the road for your 7th birthday party. Do you remember this?

I kind of remember it. I had a dance party. I also remember that i can’t think of anything else.


Tell me about the last year. Did you have to be strong?

I had to be strong because when i was a baby i used  to eat a lot of stuff but now I am fussy.

Interview by

resurrected servant


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  1. Manjunath Pendakur said

    Amazing Lila:)

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