Here Comes The Sun

A weekend full of little darlings
A weekend full of little darling things
A weekend full of birthday treats
A weekend for the birthday girl
A weekend for the birthday girl to be treated by her best girl
A weekend for the boys to play
A weekend for the boy to hear the other boy play
A weekend full of water
A weekend full of sun

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Bean’s Birthday Weekend

For some people my life is defined by the existence of my Bean, They don’t see me. They only see her. For those who are here I salute your taste. My Bean you are worth far more than odd weekends

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Art Weekend In Barrow-In-Furness

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Event: Extreme Views
Organisers: Art Gene
Attitude: Changeable
Copyright; Shared freely with Art Gene by kind permission of the Artist


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Dreams and Wishes

Blue Collar, White Collar. Class War. Comrades bleed on the factory floor. The dead remain sat typing at their desks.

Dreams and Wishes

At the last moment the zone appears
In all its glory with integrity compromised
By the same old sad song of revenge taken
In the name of insignificant patronage

Interference interfering with memories of
Words softened and manipulated
To distract from the heaviness of instruction
From administrations looking to nanny

Compromising dreams and wishes destroyed
In the face of a clock ticking, friendship appears
Offering the solace of realistic support
Anger raising and dissipating slow like sunset

Yet a savage wind keeps howling outside
When best to stay warm inside away from warfare
Though old mud trenches keep appearing
Drawing towards waters reflecting barren land

An absence of birdsong always worrying
Within a workshop where the sound of Nails
Banging poison into the bark of the tall tree
The blue tits ran from envisioning woodcutters

Leaving nothing but left overs scrambled for
In a warlike situation which is never won
Or lost, by winners winning or losers losing
On a battlefield that had no reason to be there

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Diary; 1st March 2019

A day of days.

Wake up looking forward to seeing my interview in Outside In. Didn’t realise they would post it under the auspicious title Artist of the Month March 2019  and then sprinkle it with my words and images.

Next thing I know the Bethlem Gallery have used an image I said that CPG could use to write up about Exhibitions Off Site in their e-bulletin

I checked the CPG site and there it was again what Vivien called a lovely image.

So if this was not enough…… I find out i’ve been selected for this.

Not a bad day
Sometimes they happen
Even when the warmth of winter
Turns back to its atypical cold
A sign of sun peeps through
To warm the mind
That finds the time
Still exists for good things

Bet you’d love to see that lovely image again. Scroll down for that. In the meantime here’s something else to look at

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Realm Diary; 27th Feb 2019


Not much to say. Kind of like a day for confirmation (not in the church though although we were sitting in a de-consecrated one).

My photo above has been chosen for pre-publicity. CHUFFED.

K talked trees. Thought i could put an image ladder on that. Abstract tree bark.
Asked K to make me a wish box. He said something brilliant. I said i need to open it at the end of the show. He said….. no problem, just don’t put a bottom on it. Builders aye.

Excited to work with H. She uses stuff that suits me fine. Image, sound, film. I can put some stuff in that.

Thought post cards too.
Invented a game…. match the eyes to the instruction word.

Still into the tunnel….. what goes in must come out.

Other than that had lunch with Julia. Met a charming cafe proprietor from Estonia called Kristal (guess at spelling). This is her portrait.


This is what happens to her eyes
Which leads to a rhyme

O Odin Warrior God
Crucified and hen pecked
By dark feathery furies
Do not spill more blood
Within the Realm
For this is a peaceful work place






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Realm Poem; TBC Beneath the Sheafs

TBC Beneath the Sheafs

Dawdle she says
Though its more like plodding
Perseverance being a lesson learned

Watch out for the quiet ones
The want to be alone types
Like Greta on the bow spit

Take time to wander
Loiter don’t litter
The lowlands and the high

Activate the truck
Turn the key
Liberty securing

Platform spliff head
Takes his time
The train is not for waiting

Enter the secret garden
Eating cheese on sandwich
Go in one way exit the next

This has been a happening

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