Diary; 16th Dec 2019

bam bam bam
Good things happen. Bam! Bam! Bam!

Reading through my social media:

1 Bam!) George Tahta reviews his last MC’ed session at Survivors and names Jean as a provider of one of the highlights with her Poem for Ray. I tell her. She is chuffed and somewhat tearful…. in a good way.

2 Bam!) Safetynet in their infinite wisdom have appointed me to work with them.

3 Bam!) I have been shortlisted for a 13 day Artist Residency.


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Diary; 15th Dec 2018


Networking with a fury. I attend Survivors. I meet another curator. I meet someone who I can relate to through her veganism. I read Time Is (a communal exercise), name checking other poets in this room attendant – and grateful for the name checks. I read I Like Xmas. Someone wants to read Time Is. Someone wants to read I Like Xmas.

Jean reads something for Ray. Its good.

Every time I leave Survivors someone says something nice to me. Its to do with their supportiveness. Lessons to be learned.

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Diary; 4th Dec 2018

And the party season rumbles on. Met up with Chris S yesterday for coffee. He’s into supporting the poetry theme through tech in a big way. Its easier for me to have people around who can do this stuff. But, it reminds me to do more video, get into podcasting and stuff.

The night was spent in an Indian restaurant in High Barnet with pals. There were handshakes and hugs a plenty. Came away with a new email address and an idea to form a Karamel Club invites list – even the artist needs filthy lucre.

Booked our first festival tickets for next year.
Got my first two paid gigs for next year

Refused a payment from an organisation

Got interesting twitter responses to the idea of using poetry to raise the profile of disabled people’s rights – use social media to raise my own profile to get a message out

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Diary; 3rd Dec 2019

Early festive greetings for today the International Day Of Disabled People. Its party season. Must find reasons to celebrate.
Yesterday, sitting in the library idly flicking through electronic communications an email inviting a possible return to the Strawberry Fair. The theme this year is Love. I loved the fair last year. I offered to put together a new show. I would love it if they accepted my idea and I would love to go back. The show will be called Still Love Movements. I imagine taking the big tent this time.
So, i felt chill enough to accept an invite to a house warming. Good friends. Good food. Good party.
Today with  my curatorial hat soaked through with rain I paid witness to two great poets at the celebration for our International Day in Islington. I learned a new technique to employ when stuck sometime as I was with yesterdays strange Grapefruit instruction from Yoko. Got to talk to one of the poets. He does something I have dreamed of doing. Donate my poems, delivered to street actions. Anyone up for a session at Speakers Corner.


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Declaration 15 – What is nationality?

DSC_0057Article 15.
  1. Everyone has the right to a nationality.

  2. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

My black country roots
Have been exceeded by the bark
Of my Crouch End Life
Though the accent
The team remain
This is my life
My time
My village
A place belonging happened
Friendship, known faces
A time to be included

Unlike other labels cast aside
English, British,
So what does nationality bestow
The right to speak for the village
The right to oppose unwanted change
The right not to be silenced by power
Not to be outvoted by right wing facists
Racists voting on anti immigration tickets
The need to be welcoming
As I was when I moved
When I myself became
Welcome in Crouch End

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Diary; 27th Nov 2018

Check out the exhibition at the Photographers Gallery. The Roman Vishniac one on the Jewish diaspora. Photos from the 30’s, pre war, disappeared communities, the development of the ghettos, internment camps, displaced communities, war wreak-age, refugee immigration (as then so today), learn how Jews came together, as a community in support of their own community, find out about their organisations, the journeys taken, the families parted, the people who survived and those who didn’t. A compelling story.

If you have the time after that, take a hike up oxford street, turn down new bond street and stop off at the halycon gallery to learn more about bob dylan and his achievements in art. The man did this, did that, did the other, setting lessons and benchmarks along the way. Consider his true name. Zimmerman. Reflect on that from the exhibition you saw before.

I am thinking podcasts may be next for me. I have the information PT sent me earlier in these few weeks. But today I need to do my first self directed video for my application to the Clore Leadership fellowship.


Anyone know how to download from messenger so i can keep this

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Diary; 26th Nov 2018

Started sliding into a low mood recently.

Thank god therefore for the Highgate Society Poetry Group which I seem to lead.

Some lovely things
1) John Black designed us a leaflet. It looks well classy. Couple of things I wouldn’t want on it if it went forward but some lovely wording that I would never have thought of.
2) Gwyneth Wilson did a response poem to a painting she had done. She had the painting made into a card and gave it to me though on the back it says; christmas and new year greetings to Richard and his poets. Below this a line reads ‘Good fortune to walk this way to share this moment’.

My leadership was reasonably well tested today. I responded by taking control of a situation in such a way that no one knew I was doing it by using short poems that fitted the problem and short poems that I remember. What I enjoyed about this was not in using deflection but calling in on something i had been thinking about using poetic devices as introductions to the next act. This time it worked for me.

I also confirmed something else I’ve been noticing. Quickness of thought. I rarely edit my work. Except when performing. The edit is a change of word to get past a stammering block. I learned this a long long time ago but i’ve never been particularly positive about it. Again it works for me.

I responded to a Highgate Society Poetry Group Poetry Challenge, decided to take the challenges forward on my DAO blog, and read Martin and Signs; Eugenically Euthanistically Murder. I think I read well.

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